Horseback Riding Courses

Horseback Riding Courses

Your Dream Equestrian Experience Awaits at Akhal-Teke!

We welcome horse riding enthusiasts to our farm located on the banks of the Kızılırmak River in Turkey, offering horse riding courses amidst the unique geography of the region. Our courses cater to everyone interested in learning horse riding in a safe and standardized manner, providing an unparalleled experience with our expert instructors and modern facilities.

Course Offerings:

Basic Riding Training: Tailored for those new to horse riding, this training aims to provide participants with essential riding knowledge, starting from basic horse riding information to ensure a safe equestrian experience.

Advanced Riding: Targeting those with previous horse riding experience, this program focuses on improving participants’ technical skills, teaching specific maneuvers, and maximizing control while riding.

Why Choose Us?
• Expert Instructor Team: We offer a safe learning environment with our certified instructors who specialize in equestrianism.
• Safe Infrastructure: Our modern facilities are equipped with all the necessary equipment for a safe and comfortable horse riding experience.
• Flexible Programs: Join our courses on weekdays or weekends, in the morning or afternoon—choose a time that suits you.
• Personal Development-Focused Training: Horse riding supports not only physical but also mental and emotional development. Our courses aim to enhance participants’ not only riding skills but also personal development.

Horse riding lessons are typically tailored to the participant’s experience level and the goal of the course. In basic riding lessons, participants learn to establish a safe interaction with the horse, basic riding techniques, and general horse care.

Horse Knowledge and Care:
• Horse behavior and communication
• Basic horse care and health

Equestrian Equipment:
• Introduction to reins, saddles, and other horse riding equipment
• Proper equipment selection and usage

Basic Riding Positions:
• Proper posture and balance
• Techniques to maintain balance

Basic Riding Movements:
• Forward, backward, and lateral movements
• Control over the horse’s pace and direction

Equestrian Safety and First Aid:
• Horse safety rules
• Correct responses and first aid in emergencies

Course duration: 12 hours
Course fee: 7200 TL
Single Lesson Hour: 800 TL

If you wish to experience an unforgettable horse riding adventure amidst Turkey’s magnificent natural beauty, we invite you to our farm by the Kızılırmak River. Contact us to discover the passion of horse riding and take the first step towards your dream equestrian journey