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The Akhal Teke Horse Center was established in 1988. It is located on 17000 square meters along the Kizilirmak river. This horse farm was once upon a time only a dream, but has struggled over the long and sometimes difficult years to become a flourishing enterprise with a 300 square meter indoor restaurant, a 3000 square meter garden restaurant, a barn containing 30 horse-boxes, and an open manege.

Its founder is Mr. Ercihan Dilari.

Mr. Ercihan Dilari is a horseman who has achieved lots of firsts for Turkey. He has turned his dream into his business, taking on the duty of making horses and riding dear to the Turkish public. He has never seen horses as just animals but views them as companions for the road and for life.

Accompanied by his horse Anadolu, he has established the longest Cultural Route in all of Turkey. In this, he was assisted by the project team of academics.

The Evliya Çelebi Way (2009): This is the first horse-riding route in all of Turkey and was recognized by UNESCO as a Cultural Route in 2013. The route brings history and nature together with adventure and the spirit of vacation. The route visits villages and cities that Evliya visited and described back in the seventeenth century. For 2019, together with Riders of the Lost Paths, Ercihan is planning a 10th Anniversary Evliya Route, as well as a new Lycian Way Route.

The Saint Paul Trail (2013): The Saint Paul Trail is a 500 km route stretching from Perge (10 km east of Antalya) to Yalvaç (northeast of Lake Eğirdir).

The Phrygian Way (2014-2016): The Phrygian Way links the cities of Ankara, Afyonkarahisar, Eskisehir and Kutahya. The route is 506 km long and is designed to bring modern travellers into the valleys where the Phrygians built their ancient civilization.

Great Anatolian Ride (2014): In 2014, this ride started from Cappadocia and went all the way to Iznik, linking together many of the above trails.

Over the last ten years, Ercihan has successfully trained horses that have become national champions in Endurance Races. He has signed and delivered many projects involving Turkish horses with universities throughout Turkey.

The Hippotherapy Project continues along with Nevşehir University. The Akhal Teke Ranch also continues to maintain several associated social responsibility projects.

Ercihan loves to share his knowledge and experience with his friends, and has organized horse riding expeditions all over the world in different terrains and conditions. Meanwhile, his son Bekir Dilari continues to develop the Akhal Teke Horse Center.

Ercihan, together with Riders of the The Lost Paths, is organizing special horse riding tours with limited participants to France, America (Oregon), Germany, Chile, Ethiopia, Jordan, Morocco, Mongolia, Kyrgyzstan, and Turkmenistan.

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