7 Days Cappadocia Highlights

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7 Days Cappadocia Highlights (5 Day Rides)

Renowned for its unparalleled rock formations, the enchanting “fairy chimneys,” hot air balloon adventures, and magnificent horses, Cappadocia proudly earned its place on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1985. Nestled in the heart of Turkey, our country is blessed with this extraordinary site, where nature and culture converge seamlessly.

While Cappadocia offers a plethora of activities, our belief is that the most remarkable and unforgettable exploration happens on a horseback trail ride. This joyous experience welcomes advanced and experienced riders, promising routes with thrilling hard gallops and occasional dismounts, adding a touch of independence to your journey. Riding alongside well-mannered Arabian and Anatolian-Arabian horses guarantees a refreshing and joyful adventure.

Quick Facts:
– Tailored for intermediate and experienced riders
– Inclusive of breakfast, lunch, and dinner
– Non-alcoholic drinks provided during meals
– Private guided group tour
– Routes encompass Mustafapaşa, Golgoli Ancient City, Ayvali, and more
– Excursions to Göreme Open Air Museum & Dervish Show

Accommodations feature boutique hotels, ensuring a comfortable stay with modern equipment. Riders are encouraged to bring their own riding gear, with helmets available upon request. Fitness and experience with trotting, cantering, and galloping are prerequisites, with a maximum weight limit of 97.5 kilograms.

Secure your saddle seat with a 50% deposit, choosing from various departure dates. Enjoy a delightful stay at our charming Saddle Cave Hotel in Mustafapaşa, relishing local specialties and inclusive picnic lunches. The detailed itinerary spans seven days, promising an unforgettable journey through Cappadocia’s treasures, culminating in priceless memories to carry home.

Accommodation & Food Details:
We assure a delightful stay at our charming Saddle Cave Hotel in Mustafapaşa, offering full-board accommodation with local specialties. Non-alcoholic drinks during meals, picnic lunches, and entrance fees for the Göreme Open Air Museum and Whirling Dervish Show are all included in the price, ensuring your best moments in Turkey.

– *Day 1: Arrival*
– Arrive at either Kayseri Erkilet Airport or Nevşehir Airport Cappadocia.
– Transferred to The Saddle Cave Hotel in Mustafapaşa.
– Evening stroll or relaxation until dinner.

– *Day 2: Ride from Mustafapaşa to Golgoli*
– Authentic Turkish breakfast from 8.30-9.30.
– Driven to the ranch (4 minutes away).
– Ride through Golgoli, Keşlik Monastery, and lunch.
– Canter and gallop back, possibly swim with your horse.
– Rest at the hotel, dinner.

– *Day 3: Ride from Mustafapaşa to Golgoli Mountain*
– Breakfast, ride to Ayvali and Golgoli Mountain.
– Enjoy the unique view and have a homemade Turkish lunch.
– Journey through a fascinating valley, ride by the river.
– Return to the ranch, rest, and dinner.

– *Day 4: Ride from Mustafapaşa to Göreme*
– Breakfast, ride to Tavşanlı Valley, Kızılçukur, and Ortahisar.
– Lunch with panoramic views, ride to Göreme Valley.
– Return to the ranch, rest, and dinner.

– *Day 5: Ride from Göreme to Avanos*
– Breakfast, ride through Paşabağı, Zelve, and lunch near monasteries.
– Gallop through Sarıhıdır, ride through Kızılırmak River.
– Finish the day at a second ranch in Avanos, rest, and dinner.

– *Day 6: Ride from Avanos to Mustafapaşa*
– Breakfast, ride to the top of Aktepe Hill.
– Enjoy the fantastic view, continue the ride to the ranch.
– Rest at the hotel and end the day with dinner.

– *Day 7: Departure*
– Authentic Turkish breakfast for the last time.
– Check out at 12 noon, transfer to the airport.
– If the flight is later, you can wait in the lobby.
– Wishing you a safe flight home with priceless memories!

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