Anadolu is an Anatolian-Akhal-Teke cross mare. He is both Ercihan Dilari’s horse and best friend. Anadolu is ambitious and runs fast, but never runs away even if released.


Arabian mare. Kelebek is a bit taller and a bit stronger built than the average Arabian. Her steady canter and her sweet temper make her an ideal horse for taller and less experienced riders.


The Arabian mare, Zenobia, started her career on the racetrack like her famous father, and is now quite successful in endurance races, finishing 100km. She is a fast and soulful horse and for experienced riders, Zenobia is definitely a great pleasure to ride on

GÜL, BORN 2007

Gül, the Arabian mare, is a cheerful, fast and beautiful mare. As a successful endurance horse, Gül completed the 100 km and became the Turkish champion in 2015 and 2016. Ercihan Dilari’s son Bekir Dilari is training her to compete in international endurance races.


Zorlu is an Anatolian cross mare. Handled by inexperienced owners, all attempts to get on him or drive with him have gone horribly wrong. Ercihan Dilari believed in his good heart and brought him to his farm despite biting, kicking and rubbing. With patience and training he has now become a successful endurance horse finishing 60km and experienced riders can enjoy his enormous strides at cante..


Yakamoz is a lively mare with a strong character which loves to play because she is young. We believe that we can compete in equestrian endurance in the future in their endurance and mastery. Suitable for intermediate and advanced riders.


Shiraz, which has a big heart under its small structure, is very harmonious. From beginner to advanced, she is suitable for all levels of riders. She is also a promising endurance mare in equestrian endurance racing.