To get to know the horses,

See in all movies or in all stories they say its the rider, but its not just the rider. Its a team work. A team, a combination of two friends, man and horse. First things are always first, horse for the rider and rider for the horse. They have feelings more than any other animal.

All you got to do ıs fınd a way to communicate with the horse and learn to listen the horse. If you expect that your ride listen you first you got to listen your ride. You have to become one. One mind, one sould.

If you can achive that you wont have to do any extra effort to control the horse, the horse will do what ever you are thinking. You will be one in mind and in sould so ride will be safe and you will do enjoy your ride.

Ofcourse its related the way to train the horses as well. The only humanly way to train the horse is to treat the horsenicely and try to understand the horse. They dont talk but they have the ability to pass their feelings to you on their way. You can train the horse like you are training a naughty boy but that way of training will have consequences which wont be nice in a long term. We always have to remember horses are more important for the riders and for the horseback tours in anywhere. They are the main matter and need to be behaved nicely and in a respectful way as they deserve to be behaved. Remember they are the reason that humanity advanced that much. We dont own them, we own our ID and they are the masters of their own.