Phrygian Way

Phrygia Path is located  between the cities of Ankara, Afyonkarahisar, Eskisehir and Kutahya and  it is a long standard international  riding path which is formed for tracking Phrygian trails in the Phrygian Valleys for nowadays travellers.  The route starting at three points enters to Phrygia lands and  joins at Yazılıkaya Midas city which is counted as regional center of Phrygians.  The path is a route with totally 506 km.  Beside, there are information boards at the route starting and ending points to inform the riders. And also there are direction signs at important  cross-roads points

Ancient paths , which join the ancient settlements each other , form the main theme of Phrygia Path. Beside of that main theme,  Phrygia Path presents Phrygian atmosphere as a whole to the nature lovers. And it is implemented and designed to  to make joyful ridings with combining  area’s components of natural , historical, cultural, geological etc..