The Akhal Teke Horse Center was established in 1988. 

Arrival and transfer to Kilya Hotel. Dinner and meeting the host to schedule the riding program.

After the breakfast (9:00), transfer to Hasat Çiftlik from the hotel. After we enjoy our Turkish coffee, we start our first riding day. After we pass by the two dams dedicated to Sultan Mahmut (II) and Valide Sultan Bendi (1796), we give a lunch break. We have a barbeque lunch with salads and appetizers. After the siesta time on our hammocks, which are set up before we arrive, we get going. After two hours of riding, we are back at the ranch. Shuttle brings you back to the hotel.

Transfer, After breakfast from kilya hotel to hasat farm. From the very first hours of the day we ride to ciftalan village next to Belgrad forest. We ride through the ciftalan lake. We turn to the kisirkaya village beach from the Lakes path. Having the lunch at onda marina restaurant. After lunch we enjoy the beach than we ride to the ranch and transfer to the hotel.

After breakfast transfer to the ranch. After a tasty Turkish coffe we start the ride. The route follows as
Ayazma square The ruins of at George anglican Church After visiting the Church we visit “kömürcü bend” than ride back to ranch. After the lunch at the ranch transfer to the airport for Cappadocia flight.

After breakfast transfer to the airport according to the flight time for the Cappadocia trip. Arrival to Kayseri or Nevsehir airport, shuttle transfer to Saddle Cave hotel, which is one of the most beautiful ancient stone hotels identified with the historical structure of Avanos, where you will be staying all week. After check-in, you can take a small tour in Avanos. Later in the day, there will be a briefing about the tour schedule.

After breakfast, shuttle transfer to the ranch. We will ride towards Özkonak underground city, which is one of the most famous underground cities of Cappadocia. The excavations in the area revealed that the underground city had 10 floors and a capacity of 60.000 people. Only the first floor of the underground city is open to visitors. After lunch, we return to the ranch. If you wish, you will have time to visit the ceramics and carpet shops in Avanos.

As this will be our first camp night, we pack our bags. We ride towards Deryamanlı and Beyaz Vadi (white valley). After lunch, riding through the Goreme Valley, followed by Gül (Rose) Valley and Kırmızı (Red) Valley, we arrive at Ortahisar, a medieval age castle. We set up our camp in the Gul Valley.

Depending on the weather conditions, those who wish to see Goreme from up above, can get up early and take a hot air balloon (Hot air balloon tour is not included in the price). On our last riding day, we will take a long and pleasant tour along the Kızılırmak River, during which we will enjoy the winding road between the steep cliffs and caves. We spend the night at our stone hotel in Ortahisar.

After breakfast, transfer to Nevşehir/Kayseri airport.

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