The Akhal Teke Horse Center was established in 1988. 

After crossing the Avanos bridge, we reach Aktepe Village and see carved settlements from the old rock in Devrent. Devrent Valley has interesting shaped fairy chimneys in Cappadocia. Then we move on to Paşabağ. This valley is also referred to as the Valley of the monks-as it is believed that the famous monk Simeon spent his last time here. In Çavuşin village, we take a lunch break (cold sandwiches and drinks) between the fairy chimneys and see the ruined, cliff-shaped settlement. After this village, where many beautiful valleys begin, we enter the residential Valley. From there, we reach Güllüdere Valley by seeing various colorful volcanic formations with relief. After visiting the Crusader church and the colon church, we move to the Valley of Swords. Now we are in the heart of Cappadocia. The valley of Swords derives its name from fairy chimneys that resemble swords. After crossing this valley, we pass through the valleys of Ak Valley, love Valley, Bağlıdere Valley. After stopping in the Dereyamanlı Valley for a tea break, we return to our farm near Kızılırmak.
(100 Euro)

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Akhal Teke Horse Center Avanos

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