The Akhal Teke Horse Center was established in 1988. 

1. Day (Friday):
arrival in Avanos, settling in the camp site, meeting horses on the farm. (Riding
it's not on schedule. Boarding can be made within an extra fee if desired.) Camp
meeting with the fire, overnight stay at the campsite.

(Including dinner not)
2. Day (Saturday): 8am after having village breakfast at the campsite at 9am
we're starting at the farm. Continuing along the river is the old fishing village of Sarıhıdır
we reach the village and enter the river with horses.

Picnic on the edge of Saruhan Creek
we're doing. From the old caravan road, Cappadocia has interesting shaped fairy chimneys
we move on to the Devrent Valley.

Paşabağ Valley -The Last of the famous monk Simeon
because it is believed that he spent his time here - also called The Valley of the monks
we're going into our valley. Horses in Çavuşin, which is the starting point of all its beautiful valleys
we leave. We're going back to the campsite accompanied by a transfer vehicle from his sergeant.

3. Day (Sunday): before dawn in the morning, we go to our horses accompanied by a transfer vehicle.
(If balloon flights are not cancelled) then swords, which are the departure point of the balloons
We ride horses to the Valley. Here we can photograph balloons accompanied by sunrise.

From there, through various colorful volcanic formations with relief in the Gulludere Valley
we pass through and reach the residential Valley. We're having breakfast in the valley of love.(8:30-9-
00) then we go to Çayağıl Valley, crossing the Dereyamanlı Valley to Avanos
we're coming. We're having lunch at the campsite.

1 - Airport round-trip transfers belong to guests. Shuttle organization requested
it is organized by us.
2-if anyone wants extra horse riding at the end of the tour, the camp will not be included in our tour fee.
3-alcoholic beverages are not included in the price.
4-services to be met by us are specified in the program.
5-in case of balloon cancellation, breakfast is carried out on the farm and then transferred to the horses.
6-tents will be shared.
7-extra accommodation if we have guests who want to continue to stay at the end of the Tour
the fee is 200tl, including breakfast. (in the tent)

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